Kids Case

This young and fresh brand launched in 2001 specializes in simple, fashion-forward street wear made from soft and rich high quality fabrics. Their eye for detail and powerful use of edgy colours make their clothes a comfortable, sophisticated choice that radiate style, personality and cool chic. Founders Jacqueline van Nieuwkerk and Merel Verbrugge, in co-operation with fair-trade organization MADE-BY, make sure their clothes are produced in an environment that is people friendly. If you are looking for understated luxury, Kidscase is definitely your brand!

Model: KC-120006
Baby bleached denim jacket
Model: KC-120001
Baby striped playsuit
HK$610.00 HK$488.00
Model: KC-120003
Baby striped sweater
Model: KC-120013
Blue printed Shirt
HK$460.00 HK$322.00
Model: KC-120004
Casual baby pants
Model: KC-120034
Cube dress
Model: KC-120022
Curtis organic body
Model: KC-120021
Curtis organic suit
Model: KC-120023
Dexter baby pants
Model: KC-120031
Dexter pants
Model: KC-120030
Duke motor coat
Model: KC-120027
Fat striped turtle
Model: KC-120025
Fats cardigan
Model: KC-120026
Fats dress
Model: KC-120024
Fats girls cardigan
Model: KC-120028
Fats sweater